Monday, February 04, 2008


Notes that might possibly be of some interest to you.

Lil’Miss Ji and I are going through a battle of wills right now. I figure that now is the time that we begin to establish the habit of putting toys away every night before bed. It is that or our house turns into a walking death trap.
Ohh but can that little monkey fight it. Grrrs.
I won tonight though. She cleaned everything up and was in great spirits afterwards. Before is another story.

I brought her to “Go Bananas” yesterday. She loves that place but I hadn’t brought her there for a few weeks because she has been going through a ‘mine’ phase and was started fights and turns into a crying hellion. Two weeks in a row I had to climb up into that jungle gym maze and drag her bawling out of the hanging helicopter because she had picked a fight with some kid over who has access to this helicopter thing. As far as she is concerned she is the only one with entry rights and god help any other child that dare go near it. She would win and then sit there bawling about it.

So yesterday I brought her but we had a little chat in the parking lot first.

Look me in the face Lil’Miss Ji. We will go into the monkey place but no fighting. Understand?’

She looks me in the eye, ‘ Ok mommy.’

And no silly crying.’

She looks at me, ‘Ok mommy.’

And you must share. These toys are not your toys they belong to all the kids and everyone is allowed to play with them. If another kid comes you have to share or I take you home. Is that understood?

She refuses to look at me and will not say anything.

We will go home right now unless you tell me that you will share with all the kids.’

NO I want to go into the monkey place!’

Then look at me and tell me that you will share with the kids and that you understand that these toys are not your toys only. We will go home unless you tell me.

Ok mommy.

Look at me and say that. Look me in the eyes.’

It took a sec but she finally decided she would look at me and say ok.

She ended up having a great time in there. She didn’t pick a fight and was pretty good about sharing. There was only one tiny incident where I had to stand under the helicopter thing and yell up, ‘Remember what we talked about Lil’Miss Ji?’
She quickly allowed the other kid to go in.

She actually made friends with this little boy and they appeared to be having a blast.

She was not to keen on leaving but she admitted that she was tired and ready for lunch. We headed to the Japanese restaurant and she pigged out on tofu.
Yes my kid LOVES tofu.
We are bad parents and blatantly lie to her and tell her that everything is some sort of tofu – that way she will at least try things. There are tofu eggs, tofu wantons, tofu chicken. Oh ya everything can be tofu let me tell ya.

This coming weekend is the Chinese New Year celebrations in China Town. We hope to be going in and watch the parade. I really want to do some shopping around town in the morning.
I hope the weather says it is ok.
Right now it is on the edge between rain and snow. Yuck.

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