Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day 2008

Happy Valentine's Day all.
Hope you had a nice one - quiet or exciting - which ever one was on the table for you today.
I spent it the usual way, just me and Lil'Miss Ji. One of the downfalls of having a chef for a hubby is that he always has to work on these sorts of holidays.
Oh well.
So instead I give you...

Interesting websites I have found.

This one is called the "Red Dot Campaign" and helps you sign up at the Canadian post office to NOT have junk mail delivered to you.If you check on the left side of their webpage to 'number 3' there is a link to adding your name to the 'no call' list for those truly annoying phone marketing people.
I signed up right away. We get two three phone messages a day from those people.

Then there is this one from the tile company of Pratt and Larson. Basically it is the bamboo in the middle of that page that I have fallen in love with. If you go to their digital catalogue and check out page 67 you will see the tile I dream of putting into our bathroom when we win the lottery. It will be a forest of bamboo. I LOVE IT!

And this site is full of fun idea inspiring things to do. If you ignore their chosen colours and imagine your own your imagination knows no limits.
Fun. This place is just as bad and just as much fun. hehehe

I am a magazine buyer and hub loves it. He and I will lay in bed reading magazines with this huge stack in between us. They are all remodel or fancy home magazines that have filled our heads with wonderful ideas on how to make our home even more perfect.
Stacks I tell you, stacks of magazines and we keep them all.

This morning hubby got a call at home from someone with a 'strange strong accent' (his words) claiming to be from the bank telling him they needed to update his info and needed his bank account number, how old he was,his birthdate, his exact address and stuff. Hub blew them off telling them that his wife deals with all his banking and see ya.
Good thing hubby has his head screwed on right. He red flagged them right away. Beware people - never give personal info over the phone to anyone claiming to be a bank or a credit card company. Toooooo scary!!!

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