Friday, January 04, 2008

written yesterday

Not sure when I will post this but I might as well start writing it.
Don't know what I am writing though, just felt like sitting in front of the home computer and typing about basic nothingness.

Lil'Miss Ji is in bed right now reading a book – well reading her way and enjoying it so who am I to complain.
Hubby is at work.

Work is busy busy and getting even more busy. This isnt bad but it does make for a tiring day – mind you I am sitting on my ass the whole time and this has not been great for its size.

Lil'Miss Ji is now complaining to me about the fish or the lack there of. I think I posted about my mother getting her some fish, cant remember.
Well she did about two months ago and I spent one month of hell trying to keep them alive with terrible results. Two fish turned into nine spread out over a month and they all died. I gave up after spending a ridiculous amount of money on fish meds and water conditioners, filter replacer and the fish themselves. AUGH! I packed the tamk up and put it back into the basement. Lil'Miss Ji loves to tell everyone about the dead fish and how I killed them. So sweet of her.

I am having a heck of a time trying to get her enrolled in a swim class at the pool down the road. They seem to think that all parents with kids under five don't work so there are only two classes that she could go into that I could actually get her to. The girl on the phone today said that they book up two months in advance and gave me the heads up to call in next week to register her for MARCH. I cant think that far ahead!

My carpet needs to be vacuumed so I am just going t shift my chair and ignore it.

We have been buying picture frames at the Liquidation store around the corner when we have some extra cash. We look for really nice frames that we can fit our personal pictures into. It feels great to be finally hanging some of our stuff up. There are still about ten boxes behind me in this room that have not been unpacked as we don't have the shelving space to display it all. Slowly working on it. My mother downsized drastically and gave us her old but still in good condition IKEA bookshelves. With high quality primer they are printable. I have two coats of primer on the one right now. I need to sand it down and then buy some paint this Saturday to get that one finished. I forgot to prime the shelves though. That is kind of important. That will Give hubby and I something to work on this weekend.

Lil'Miss Ji's room is basically done except for the desk wood that we need to add to attach the drawers and the bookshelf. She really likes her room now and enjoys playing in it.
She really should be asleep but I am still rambling on.

New Year's Day this year was five years for Alisha. I am doing really well with it so far. You reach a point where you can morne in silence with a smile and just feel numb for an hour or so. Then you snap out of it and return to a sort of state of normality. The memory flame almost seems to grow brighter and her stories and silliness enters everyday conversation even more that it used to. Those that are listening and know are not cringing when I say her name. Not like they used to.

Things are, um, ok that way. Cant think of the correct word to say.

Lil'Miss Ji wants me to read a book with her and crawl into bed.
I will try to remember to post this tomorrow.

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