Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love stuff like this.

My mother gave hubby a most interesting calender.
He hasn't actually looked at it yet but I just spent the last fifteen minutes reading it and I only got through the month of January and half way through February. It is basically a history of British Columbia and every day on the calender has an important event in history.
Today for example:
“Robert William Service, poet and novelist who lived and wrote in BC and the Yukon, was born at Preson, England, 1874.”

I have no clue who that is but the entire calender is like that. I love stuff like this. I am filled with strange and totally useless facts and information.
Now I need to do a Google search to find out who this guy is.

I LOVE Wikipedia!

Now this is something I would love to see one day. Way cool!

Robert Service lived between 1909 and 1912 in a log cabin on 8th Avenue in Dawson City, Yukon. His relative prosperity allowed him the luxury of a telephone. After he left for Europe, the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire (I.O.D.E.) took care of the house until 1971, preserving it. Service eventually decided he could not return to Dawson, as it would not be as he remembered it.
In 1971, the Service cabin was taken over by Parks Canada, which maintains it, including its sod roof, as a tourist attraction. Irish-born actor Tom Byrne created The Robert Service Show which was presented in the front yard of the cabin, starting in 1976. This was very popular for summer visitors and set the standard for Robert Service recitations.
Ill health caused the elderly Mr. Byrne to discontinue the show at the cabin. The show was moved to a Front Street storefront and since 2004 has been held at the Westmark Hotel in Dawson. A local Dawson entertainer, Johnny Nunan, now recites Service's poetry (including the classic "The Cremation of Sam McGee") from a willow chair while visitors sit on benches on the front lawn. Following the presentation, visitors can view Service's home through the windows and front door. The fragility of the house, and the rarity of the artifacts, precludes any possibility of allowing visitors to walk inside the house itself.

On a completely different note I finally painted BOTH sides of the doors in the basement and bought door handles for them. I put one on but Lil Mis' Ji is in the bath right now so I will do the other one later.

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