Sunday, January 13, 2008

house work

After two weeks of thinking about it we finally took down the Christmas decorations.
The house looks so empty now.

For the last couple of weeks I have been painting these two bookshelves we got from my mother when she downsized.

They are typical IKEA bookshelves, probably over 15 years of age, in great condition made from the melamine something or other stuff. They were white but after 15 years they started to look tired and old so I painted them up and gave them new life.
One I painted white and the other one is the same brown as the trim in our basement.
I sanded them down first basically scratching the surface so that the primer would have something to stick to. I put two coats of primer on them sanding them down lightly in between each coat and then put on the paint. I used three coats of paint for each colour, again sanding down lightly in between each coat.
They turned out great.
I have started using this slightly more finicky paint from Rona called Expressions. It dries MUCH harder and is way more resistant to scratching and peeling. It is perfect for a bookshelf or hard working areas. We used it on our basement walls and have been very happy with it.

The brown bookshelf does not yet have a permanent home so we haven't put the shelves on yet. We have to get some other thing in order before we can use it properly.
The white one has been put into this orange room where our computer is temporally sitting. This room will eventually become a bedroom once we move the computer into the basement. I envision it being a baby room in the future but that is going to need some future discussions with the other half before that will be possible.

So here is the white bookshelf all decked out.

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Starting at the very top is a large tea pot that has been well used. It was hand made by my mothers friend Linda. Beside it are three wine mugs that my sister made in ceramics class in school. The books beside them are photo albums from Japan. The entire bottom shelf (you cant see it in this photo) is photo albums. There is one shelf of all Ian Rankin books. Hmm I think I like his stuff. 'grin'
There is a photo of my step bro and his wife on their wedding day along with another one of hubs tea pots from his growing collection.
One day I should take a photo of his beautiful collection. They still are not all unpacked yet but we are slowly getting there. This particular pot is made of clay and is so well done it actually floats. And when you put water in it the lid seals and there is no dripping. If you put your thumb over the little air hole water will automatically stop pouring from the spout even with the pot tipped. Cool.

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