Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Not doing well with my New Year’s Resolution yet.

Happy New Years everyone!

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I hope all had a lovely evening bringing in 2008. Lil’Miss Ji and I spent the evening at our neighbours. She played with their kids and we watched a movie. After heading home and putting her to bed I flopped down in front of our TV and zoned out watching a movie I cant even recall on and waited for hub to get home.
He did one minute after midnight.

Hub has a new job. I don’t think I blogged about it. He had enough with the restaurant that he was working at – crappy pay, over worked and treated with little respect – he had a blow up with his boss and told him “see ya” after he had first been offered jobs at two other restaurants in town.

(It has taken me 4 hours to get this far on this post. Sigh. Sometimes multitasking really doesn’t work.)

So his new job is closer to home, higher class and the kitchen is overseen by a real registered chef. Everyone is clean, the kitchen is clean and it is very professional. He loves it.
He came home last night and went, “I really like it at this new restaurant. I really enjoy working there.”

He is having to slow down and worry more about presentation and less about cooking fast. He is tons more relaxed and his overall manner in general is happier.
It was a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year because of it.

(Another two hours to get here.)

Then there is the potty training thing.
I have basically given up realizing that when she is ready she will do it herself. She can flip right out if I try to push the idea and then you cant even get her into the bathroom to do her hair let alone go pee.
She has also reached this odd teenage stage (at the age of two) where if she is sitting on the toilet no one is allowed in the washroom and she will sit there and read a book to her hearts content and scream at you if you peak your head around the corner.

Last night hub got home early and the three of us were in the basement watching Shrek 3 when Lil’Miss Ji got up and walked upstairs. We didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes later she walked down stairs and goes “I POOPED!!” We were of course very happy and I went upstairs cause she wanted to show us. Now she was great and there were no poo paintings or grossness, just the entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet with that one little pee sized blob of poop. She was pretty impressed with herself.
I flushed the toilet cringing.
No overflows and lots of hugs.

“Mommy are you happy?”

“Hunny I am very happy. “

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