Thursday, January 10, 2008

different thinking

I am waiting for Lil'Miss Ji to put her PJ's on. She likes to play games but will eventually get around to it after running like a streaker around the house.
Hub says she is just like a dog after you give it a bath. It is a pretty good comparison actually.

Yesterday at his new job he learned the big difference between Asians and North Americans – Asians work as a group never 'really' bitching to one another about the others work, never really 'outwardly' making it obvious that they don't like a coworker and never telling the boss that a certain coworker sucks; North Americans think of themselves, defend only themselves and look out for only themselves.

This has been a hard lesson for him.

He had a hard evening last night with me describing things to him and helping him to understand this certain 'bitch' lady at work who has taken an instant dislike to him. She has even gone so far as to make mistakes and then point the finger at him.
Hub had a talk with his boss about it. He was very upset when he got home and I had to talk a lot of confidence back into him.
He doesn't like our way but has learned that he now has to accept it and learn to work with it and not against it.
We don't know why this woman dislikes him – there could be so many reasons – but he needs to learn to work with her and with the other people better. He is always trying to prove himself as a very good chef (which he is) and is forgetting that he also has to prove himself as a nice guy who is good to work with. He needs to learn how to make friends and allies and not create jealous people who see him as a threat to their job cause he is a much better chef.
It has been a hard lesson. He has been thinking more of proving himself to his boss. This is a change for him. In Japan and in China you need to prove to the boss first really. Everyone is working together to prove to the boss that they can all do the job. But here he is forgetting that you actually have to prove yourself to all your coworkers first because they will get you fired faster than if your boss sees you do something wrong.

We will see how he handled tonight. He woke up with a good attitude so it should be ok.

(Ok kid is now ready for bed and hub just walked through the door.)

I did tell him last night that working at this restaurant with it very North American ways will be an excellent learning experience for him. The last two places he was at were family run in their own rules with the staff basically working scared. This place is similar to any work place his moves into in the future. I explained to him that the very problems that he is now dealing with there are similar to what I went through starting out at my job.

It will be good.

Gotta go, kidlet wants me to tuck her in and hub is home.

Hub did good and talked to his boss the way I told him to. They had a really long talk about everything and how hub thinks and it was a good. Boss was happy. Good news.

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