Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WOW long time no talk, sorry

I just finished part one of my Simply Accounting level one test.
We will see.
I should do homework and study for next day’s big test but I felt like writing on my blog.
I suddenly realized that I haven’t physically written anything for some time and was surprised, I am always writing on this blog, DAILY, just that I tend to write it in my head and not so much on here physically. I find that mental writing therapeutic. It is quite amazing what I tell you all and how much this blog helps me clear my head.
Maybe it is a good thing I do this all mentally – hahahaha.

So lets see what has happened in the last few weeks – other than exhausting myself fitting in class, work and home life nothing too major has taken place. My mother decided that Lil’MissJi needed some gold fish.
So we set up the tank for a week and let it create a filter something or other before buying the fish. Lil’MisJi took part in picking out the bug eyed ones that she wanted and four days later the first one died.
Grandma and I took it out and put it into a ziplock.

“Hunny I don’t think he is feeling very well. I think I should take him to the doctor tomorrow.”

Lil'MissJi just looked at me like I was some sort of moron;

“No mommy the fish is dead!”

So much for hiding anything from this kid.

She now has 4 fish and they all seem to be quite healthy. Mind you just because I wrote that I will discover one dead as soon as I get home today. That and Hub isnt happy because there are 4 and 4 is a very bad number in the Asian culture. BUT I CANT FIT 5 FISH!! The tank is just not big enough.

Hmm more…..

We were given a fake older Christmas tree from a friend at work. We didn’t have a tree, I had no desire to have a real one with Lil’MissJi running around and well the fire hazard scares me. But we couldn’t afford a new one. My friend showed up with one that his parents had parted with and I was one very happy girl. That and Hubby could no longer say anything negative about putting up a Christmas tree (hehehe evil grin of domination). He is still having troubles adjusting to our craziness over Christmas over here.
So we brought it home and put it up, hubby even helped, but I couldn’t have a bare Christmas tree in the living room so last weekend Lil’MissJi and I decorated it all up. I think it looks beautiful!
I took pictures of course but need to post them for you.
It is officially our very first family Christmas tree. That is one special tree!!!
I even decorated up the railing and the fireplace.
Ohh it looks great. I bought cinnamon sticks and tied them to big ribbon bows around the house. It smells amazing.

And then well please don’t kill me or hate me, but due to my very real fear of going broke over Christmas and my extreme hatred of shopping malls at this time I can officially say that I bought my last Christmas present last weekend. I just need to wrap everything now.

And it snowed last night. The first snow of the year. After dinner the neighbourhood was filled with the sounds of laughter and screaming children as they played in it. I had just bought Lil’MissJi a new snow suite (she is growing like a weed!) and she was determined to try it out along with her new boots. So at 7 pm last night she is out there playing in the snow with the little neighbour boy. They had a wonderful time, froze their fingers off and slept very well last night.

This weekend is the Santa Parade. I am sure Lil’MissJi will really enjoy that. And then hubby and I are hoping to head out to Vancouver on Sunday to see the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. I LOVE that woman’s work. I cant wait for that!! My mom and I are quite excited.
Her birthday is coming up so I got us tickets to this ladies night at the store nearby – we are going to get makeovers and play all girlish for the night. Hehehe Should be quite fun.

Hubby hates his job but has had three interviews in the last two days so we will see what his decision is. Him being happier at work will help with stress loads at home. He has been brooding. Just having interview has made him happier.

Work is busy and just fine at my end. Lil’MissJi is growing so fast you can actually see it. She is speaking in complete sentences and has mastered the use of the word ‘maybe’ very well. She is extremely excited about Santa coming and tells everyone that Santa cant come to her house unless she has a Christmas tree and that Santa is working very hard everyday right now to get ready for Christmas.

I hope all of my American friends had an excellent stomach filling Thanksgiving and hope everyone braves the upcoming winter storms safely.
I will try to post some photos tomorrow if I am not overly swamped at work.

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