Monday, September 24, 2007

a typical weekend for us these days

Went to a movie on Saturday night – that new one with Jodie Foster where she turns vigilante – ummmhhh not the ending I was expecting.

So the other day I picked up this bookshelf from work. They were going to chuck it and I said NO! and brought it home. Just a simple upright in wood veneer. We decided it would go perfect in Lil’Miss Ji’s room as we had yet to do anything to her room decorating wise.
So on Saturday I headed over to Rona and Lil’Miss Ji picked out a colour and we headed off to pick up daddy for an afternoon excursion on his break that brought us to an antique show that had Li and I spinning. AUGH!!! If I were to win the lottery tomorrow I would buy almost half of that store. Almost all of the dream furniture Li and I have been looking for were there and most were dated 1906. They were beautiful. I found my dream couch set. I am sad.
Bought another lottery ticket.

Then on Sunday it was a day of sanding, priming and painting. Along with the ripping off of chair rails and base boards. In the end the weather was perfect and we even had a few minutes to head to the park and fly our kite with some other people who were having fun in the sun. Lovely afternoon.

Last night the shelf and Lil’Miss Ji’s bedroom walls were totally dry and we put everything into place.

We took of the stapled on back piece and cleaned that up, then painted the main frame of the bookshelf white and the actual shelves a chrysanthemum pink. With the blue of the bedroom walls showing through behind it looks like a built in and very cool.
We put Lil’Miss Ji’s books in their new home and filled the rest with stuffed animals for now. She was so excited.

“OHHH I love my bedroom! So pretty!”

Haven’t taken a photo yet but it does look good.
We have an old chest of drawers coming from Oma that we are going to paint up to match and then we will connect the two with a desk top board so she has a built in desk. Then we need to find a cupboard shelving unit to go above the drawers. After that Li envisions those floating shelves above the desk area with and under-mount light fixture. It is going to be a great area when it is done.

She has reached that age where she really needs a personal space like that.

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