Monday, July 09, 2007

Jackson like

Everyone has a certain feature about their body that they like – their eyes, their ears, their butt, their tits – something. For me it is my nose.

I have always liked my nose. When I was a little kid the aunts and uncles used to tease me:
“You are going to get the family hook! Hehehehe.”

I was TERRIFIED and used to fall asleep with my hands pressing down on the ridges of my nose thinking that if I did that every night I would be able to prevent the family hook from popping out.
Well something helped – my moms genes or the freaky sleeping habits - either way I didn’t get the hook and I love my nose.
My sister used to complain bitterly about it. She felt that her nose had a hook, I never saw it but she claimed it was there and was quite jealous of my nose. To me it was payback for her getting the height and me being the total shrimp in the family.

When the baseball smacked into my face and broke my nose about four weeks ago my first thought was:
Do I have any teeth left? Yup all there and not wiggling.

A tender touch to it confirmed that it still held form and an X-ray confirmed that it was broken but really only cracked and not a separated. My puffiness and bruising healed shockingly fast and my nose looked very good.

Until the other night.

ToddlerJi broke it again.

Not serious but I can see a difference.

ToddlerJi has a bubble bath every night. We turn on the tub, she picks out the bubble soap she wants and pours it in herself. She takes off her cloths and puts them automatically in the laundry basket (even if they are clean), puts her diaper in the garbage and tells me if the bath is the perfect water temperature or not. She is very picky. Sometimes she really wants me to come in the bath with her. We have been having baths together since she was one month old and she loves this time we have together. We sing songs like:
“If you are happy and you know it wash your ears.”
She sings along and makes up her own lines.

Well ToddlerJi has reached that age of aggressive. Well she has been here for a while now and it is frustrating. She slaps hits, pushes and punches. She also loves to jump on you and initiate a wrestling match.

In the bathtub the other night she leapt into the air with both hands together and came crashing down on my nose.
I just about peed myself.
I actually felt blood trickling down the back but nothing came out the front. I could feel some crackling but it didn’t feel separated like it had before. When I looked in the mirror I had two tiny puffy marks and some new bruising in the far deep corners of my eyes. But what I really noticed and continue to notice is that my nose is now slightly caved in a little Micheal Jackson like on the one side. Not seriously but I can see it. There is a shade hole that wasn’t there before. My friend at work noticed it as well. My best bud C also noticed it. AUGH! I can really feel the cave in when I touch it. It is bothering me and totally depresses me when I look in the mirror.

Immediately after it happened I could not breathe at all out of the one nostril but the other side felt like a wind tunnel blowing up there. Now I can breathe out of both sides but the one side is definitely much clearer than the other.

The shadowed hole on the side of my nose is bothering me more that you could possibly imagine.

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