Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It has been weeks since I have blogged and longer since I have checked in on my fellow bloggers.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!!
Things have been all fine over here I have just been quite busy lately and have been quite preoccupied with many other things.
I had been sneaking in my previous blogs while at work but my work load at work has jump up considerably in the last few weeks and the days have been busy. I am not complaining about this as much of what I am dong is learning pieces of maintaining a book keeping system and the other part of my job has been assisting in the secretarial side of building single family homes. This has opened up my world to tons of interesting things and I personally see it as a way to gain important insight and possible contacts that will aid me in maintaining my own book keeping business in the future that is construction related.
So all is good there.
That and we are moving offices soon so there is the packing crap that needs to be done.

Then at home ToddlerJi has been a hellion about going to bed at a decent time lately. We have hit past eleven on some nights. It can cut into your house work and personal time very deeply.
I seem to have found a trick/quirk that is working.
About a half an hour before bed I plunk a digital clock in front of her and tell her when the numbers hit “00” it is time to go to bed and no fighting. I make her look at the clock and even repeat after me and it is working. Not 100% but not that badly. She doesn’t put up that much of a fight and I have been sneaking the clock a little forward every night to try to get her going to bed at a respectable time.

Then there is the internet itself. I admit I have been on this here computer when I get a chance but it has been to play with SnapFish.com and not blogging.
I made the most BEAUTIFUL photo memory book of ToddlerJi for my mother in law. OMG!! It is amazing. I brought it to work and now everyone at work has become snapfish addicts. Wonderful photo site and the sign up is free.
What else…
My kick ass awesome friends from New Zealand, Abby and Kelly, are going to come and stay with us for a few days in august. I am very excited about this and just today put in my vacation days request.
And I had to get my teeth done. YUCKY!!
And ToddlerJi just woke up so I now have to go and deal with this.
I will try to write more often and maybe even stick some photos on!!

Li came home from work and is now cuddling with ToddlerJi. She likes that.
My nose has healed very well. It doesnt need straightening and the bruising has almost gone. It is so tiny now it is just accenting the sleep bags under my eyes.
And the Island 22 Horse Park stuff is at it full bore again. We had a lul due to the flood threat that never happened but after last nights meeting, eek, gonna be a busy volunteer girl again.


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