Friday, June 01, 2007

Red in the face

Yesterday I ran and grabbed ToddlerJi from daycare as fast as I could and brought her straight to the swimming pool. They have an outside water park and due to the beautiful weather we have been having it was turned on and it is free. Yippee!!!
She thought so to.
She was running around all over the place with the other kids. Then she proceeded to do a strip show and took all her clothes off so I was running around after her to put them back on. The sun was much too strong for a bare bottom even though I had covered her with sun screen.

This morning she woke up with a red burned face. I am a little ticked about this. I smeared lotion all over her before going to work in the morning and then covered her with stuff before she went into the water yesterday evening. The only thinking I have is this afternoon. She has my skin - burnable.
Li is going to talk to her daycare lady about it when he drops her off. She is also covered in cream.
She thinks the cream is very cool and makes her look pretty.

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