Monday, June 04, 2007

It's all crazy

ToddlerJi’s vocabulary is blossoming lately. She is starting to string together whole sentences and is getting quite good at it. She makes a few mistakes with her noun and adjective order and tends to make up sentences like:

That is pen daddy’s.

She has the right idea going on.

Her latest phrase that is cracking me up is, “That’s Crazy! Or “(insert persons name here) is Crazy!” She says it with such sincerity it just cracks me up.

TJ: Ohhh mommy’s eyes.

Me: Ya I hurt my eyes.

TJ: Ohhh (as she reaches to carefully touch and I cringe at the thought of her touching) mommy hurt?

Me: Ya a little bit.

TJ: (after lightly touching) Ohhh ouch. That’s crazy. (in a soft sad voice that leads into..) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Me: You think that is funny do you?

TJ: Ya crazy!

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