Monday, June 11, 2007

a good weekend

Busy weekend for us all around.
On Friday night ToddlerJi and I headed out to the Mission Heritage Park to watch a Pandora Steel Drums Band concert.
ToddlerJi thought it was great and sat spell bound for 2 songs before she started rolling around and dancing to the music. She clapped enthusiastically after every song and even took advantage of the kid’s time to try her hand at making noise on the hand drums.
Very great night.

Then on Saturday ToddlerJi spent the day with her Grandma and I headed out to Mission once again for this seminar I thought I would check out. Not too much to tell you about this at this time. Basically it is a money making opportunity that I have discovered one year too early as I am not ready to put energy into this yet. I am keeping my options open though and am not closing any doors.
We will see.

Then on Sunday we had a lazy family day with a huge brunch. Then in the later after noon we packed up the car and headed out to White Rock. ToddlerJi spent the evening with her Aunty K and the hubby and I went on a sort of date (first in a long time) and went to the Richmond Night Market. Spent too much money, ate tons and had a lovely evening.
Got home very late though.
But had a pretty good weekend.

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