Tuesday, May 29, 2007

voices softly spoken and people introduced

We had a group strata meeting tonight at a small hall around the corner. It was not the type of one where we voted on anything but more of an informative style to fill us in on the chaos that the strata council feels quite often.
Our strata is self run with no management company. It can lead to a big burden and a lot of work but this strata has been very successful and has a well padded bank account. It is a pretty lucky thing. But it can be tiring hashing over the same thing time and again.
It was also nice to put some faces to names and hear others talk. I have a much better feeling about things in general about where it is that I live. There were also three of us new buyers there and it was a great way for us to identify ourselves in a sense.
I was finally able to actually have a conversation with our neighbours two doors down. We are always seeing each other in passing when flying off some where and Li has never seen the wife once. I was really interested in talking to them as they are also a mixed race couple and she seems so sweet. I was right she is and she was very excited about meeting ToddlerJi properly because she is pregnant and obviously very excited about it. That was great.

As for the big “ISSUE”, it was brought up as well as a general all around bullying issue that has been happening involving the boys and the girls. All the parents that were there were very adamant that if anyone witnesses anything involving their kids, good or bad, to please tell them immediately as they want to know. Of course these are the wonderful parents that attended the meeting and it was the ones with the kids and the dogs that are causing the problems that didn’t come.
And as for these two girls that are causing me grief – both the strata president and I are starting to think that these girls don’t live here and just play here, possible with one of the other kids who do actually live in this complex. We think that they live in the complex behind us and everyone shakes their head at that. I guess this complex behind us is a matter of numerous headaches for us over the past few years. Their strata allows cheap renters that tend to be on the ummmm how should we put this, ummm undesirable side of the line. In fact our president announced to some eye popping parents that he has just found out that one of these new renters is actually a just paroled sex offender. GREAT!

So ya, things are not finished but awareness was brought up and hopefully discussions with their kids about this issue are also brought up.
Of course it is always the people who aren’t there that are the ones that really need to hear this but possibly the word can be spread in other ways.
We will see.

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