Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I sent this off yesterday but havent been able to talk to him yet. Our strata meeting is tonight. We will see.

Dear Strata President,

As I analyze this situation more I realize that this is not so much racial based as power based. These two girls are the main girls in the sort of group/gang that plays in our complex. I am very uneasy as to how to handle this. I am still unsure as to where these children live but I am positive that they are Caucasian and could very well be just under the teenage age.

I am still extremely upset that these girls are already trying to express their power on a baby and that they are using race as their bases but am uneasy on creating strife with these kids and then leaving me with a constant worried feeling about my daughter playing outside.

This obviously should not go unspoken but I don’t know how strongly it should be addressed.

You are familiar with the families in our complex and I do ask for your recommendation based on your knowledge of this.

I am pretty sure that if my child was much older I would not be pursing this as I now am as how my child personally reacts in a situation like this is more important to me. But at the age she is now protecting her is obviously very important.

I realize that am a placing a burden on you as a member of Strata but keeping the peace in our complex and living together is also very important.


we will see

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