Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A lucky day

At five o’clock I left work in a hurry. Tonight I had school.
I had to hand in my huge project and sit in on a review lecture to prepare us for our final exam on Monday.
Class started at 6:30pm.
ToddlerJi was at grandpas and I had a sandwich wrap in my purse left over from lunch today so I headed home and sat on my back porch to eat my wrap and relax for two minutes before heading to class. That and I had been in the office all day on a beautiful day and wanted to soak up some sun.
Then I heard a siren. Not uncommon as I live near the hospital but this siren got louder instead of quieter.
Then I heard another one and then another one and they all seemed to be coming very close.
I stood up to train my ears to try to figure out where the sirens’ were heading.
The neighbours behind me were alerted as well and ran out of their place and I heard them through the bushes going “Oh my god they are coming this way!”.
I sprinted to the fence and sure enough there were two ambulances heading straight for the driveway of my complex.

I ran out to my front door and there were TWO fire trucks and the two ambulances parked in MY COMPLEX!!!

I am actually more concerned at this point at the fact that I didn’t even notice them driving in. That was a head shaker on my part.

Turns out the very untidy people that live in the unit across the parking lot from me blew up their computer – they had smoke and flames every where. Thank GOD it never turned into a full blown fire, just a major nasty smelling smoke bomb. I pitty their neighbours as I am sure they have the smoke in their places as well.
The ambulances checked the kids out for smoke inhalation and then left but I was suddenly left with a bit of a dilemma – it was six o’clock and there was a very large fire truck parked right behind my car.
Now I cant go walking up the guys and go:
“Umm sir, I realize you are saving lives and all but do you think you could move your fire truck so I can get to school?”
Ya didn’t think that was too savvy.
So instead I stood outside with all the other gawking neighbours gossiping with the rest of them about how trashy this particular unit is and the problems we have been having with the neighbourhood kids using our green areas as their hang out.
I then stood on my front porch and waited as patiently as I could for the firemen to complete their investigation and lecture my across-the-way-neighbour about their WAY over loaded plug. (The fireman was shaking his head as he held up the computer bar that had multiple extensions running off of it.)
I was a half an hour late for class and missed the main lecture (damn), but I think I had a pretty good excuse.
These pictures were taken through my kitchen window. I didn’t want to look like a complete freak and take the picture standing outside. Hehehe

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