Sunday, May 27, 2007

I just emailed this letter out

Dear Mr. Strata President,

I didn’t want to disturb you in person on a Sunday and I realized I can explain this so much better in writing. But this way it is also on record.
You can’t see my anger this way, though.
There is a lot.

On Saturday evening my daughter and I had an incident involving two young teenage girls that live in this complex. I do not know their names or exactly which unit they live in – I saw them going into either 30 or 31. (There was a bush in the way). I am positive that they live here.

I also haven’t decided how far I really wish to pursue this matter as we all need to live together here but this is not a matter to be taken lightly.

On Saturday evening one of these two girls made a racial derogative remark towards my TWO YEAR OLD CHILD!

I consider this a form of bullying as well as racial slander. I do not take this lightly in any way.
Yet I haven’t decided if I am more pissed off about the comment or that teenage children made it towards a two year old baby! It freaks me out as to what they are then capable of to an older child.

After my total stunned shock at what I heard I yelled out at them that they were extremely rude and that they needed to leave my presence immediately.
I didn’t use any more words than that.
They proceeded to giggle and walk away infuriating me farther.

My father prevented me from calling the cops and pressing bullying charges. I have decided to not follow up on this thinking AT THIS TIME. We all need to live together but you can be assured that this situation will not be allowed to go unpunished twice. Cops and who ever else that needs to be involved will be if any form of bullying occurrs towards my child again.

I was told by my neighbours that you probably know the parents of these children. As I write this I am not sure if I ever want to know who they are. I am thinking that we may all live a little more peacefully together if I don’t know who they are but then at the same time I want a direct apology said to my child. She may be only two but she is not stupid in any way.

I do know that I would like to see this incident brought up at our big Tuesday meeting. I would like parents of our complex to be aware of what is happening and the consequences of this. Maybe this will prevent any further incidents happening with other kids in our complex.


I already got an email back and he is trying to pin point exactly which children these are. He is also very concerned about this as this is a very multirace complex and we cant have crap like this happeneing.
I am going to call and talk to him tomorrow evening.

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