Saturday, May 26, 2007

and it rears its ugly head

I have stopped shaking enough to type now.
The anger hasn’t subsided though.
It never will.
I am pretty sure I will feel this murderous anger for the rest of my life.
And ToddlerJi’s

Today I experienced racism directed towards my daughter for the first time and it took every single cell in my body to not cause serious physical damage to come children.

This evening ToddlerJi was running around in the grass circle in front of our house. I was standing in there as well making sure she didn’t go into the parking lot. A small group of young teenage kids that live in our complex came walking by. ToddlerJi stopped to look at them (as she is fascinated with all older children) and one of the girls, I really think it was the younger one, actually looked my two year old daughter in the face and spewed out a string of words.
I don’t even know how to write them. You know that sound that racist ignorant morons make when they are pretending to speak Chinese and wish to sound as derogatory as possible? Ya those words.
I felt like I had been kicked in the head and was so stunned it felt like I didn’t react for what felt like an eternity. In reality it was maybe 20 seconds.
I snapped in my loudest non yelling voice:
(Ya come backs are not my forte I know.)
The kids stopped and looked at me a little shocked due to the obvious murderous look on my face and tone in my voice.
“LEAVE!” I snapped.

These two teenage bitches proceeded to giggle and walk away. The young boy that was with them stood there looking at me with horror on his face. He knew, oh this boy knew. Hell could be raining down real soon.

After they turned the corner around the garbage shed I walked up to see where they went. I saw the two girls walk into either number 30 or 31. I am not positive which due to a giant bush but it was one of them.

I wanted to kill, shred or seriously hurt. I knew I was not in the right frame of mind to talk to some parents but I wanted to tear a strip off them so bad it hurt. It still hurts.

I am going to talk to my direct neighbours tomorrow and see where that leads me in tracking down these girls. I also have a General Strata meeting on Tuesday night and am going to bring up this whole incident there. There are more Asian families living in this complex and the fact that this girl spoke like that to a two year old child actually scares me as I think about it more.
All I can think of is evil in the making when I think of this girl now. I am so disgusted and horrified about the entire thing.

Somehow I have to break this news to Li tonight without him going ape shit on these people.

Conversation with Li

After details told…

Me: I am so spitting angry.

Li: Don’t worry, ToddlerJi will know.

Me: I don’t want her to!

Li: She will learn.

Me: I don’t want her to!

Li: ToddlerJi will know that she is smarter then them. That she is better than them. ToddlerJi will know that those kids are nothing but a frog in a river that never goes to the sea. These frogs think that the river is big. But ToddlerJi knows real.

Me: Should I talk to the parents?

Li: Yes you should talk but don’t worry about ToddlerJi.

Me: I am still pissed off.

Li: Don’t worry. ToddlerJi will learn that she is so much smarter. Already she speaks three languages. ToddlerJi already knows that she is different then other kids, that she is stronger and smarter. She already knows.

Me: Fine but I am still pissed off. And you can be really annoying sometimes.

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