Wednesday, April 25, 2007

busy busy living

Last night Li’s boss told him he had to take off for a week to go to his brother’s funeral – 52 years old.
Li said there was something so sad in his eyes it made Li immediately tell his boss, “I am going to go home early tonight and tell everyone I love them. I am not going to waste any time telling them that I do.”
And he did.
He made many phone calls overseas last night and spent an hour sitting in the bathroom, while I was lying in the tub, telling me how much he loved and missed me.

We have been so incredibly busy lately.

He has been working extra hard at the restaurant wanting to make an excellent impression and establishing a strong foothold. I have been flooded with volunteer obligations, the desire to spend time with some friends, the larger desire to spend time with my daughter and school.

Last week I had two classes, ToddlerJi’s first swimming class (she LOVED it), a Spa Party, and jump painting for Island 22. Then last weekend I had to arrange my step-sister to take ToddlerJi to her swimming class because I had obligated myself to volunteer the entire weekend at Island 22’s Mt. Cheam event. I then had the freaking out part of having a mid term exam on Monday night. AUGH! I think I actually did very well on it. I will find out in class tonight.
Then last night I got a last minute ticket for the Martini Mingle that raised money for the Children’s Hospital. Met some new faces and then ran out on my bill because I was so scatter brained worried about getting ToddlerJi before it was too late in the evening. Thankfully my girlfriend covered for me.

I am still soooo embarrassed.

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