Saturday, April 28, 2007

A bruise in the making

Today ToddlerJi hurt herself.
Not major, just silly.
I was washing the porches today - a major ordeal - so had to remove everything off them in order to actually clean them. I did the big back one first and she held the hose while I did the scrubbing. Green scum is now all gone and it looks wonderful.
I need to take some pictures.
Anyways, back to the pain, ToddlerJi was chatting away with the neighbour boy and decided to sprint up our steps to tell me something. She missed the first one and slammed her poor shin into the wood and now has this long red scrap mark down it.
Looked painful to me so I washed it up and rubbed in some massage foot rub all over her feet and legs.
She loved that.
This didn't hold her down for long.
I then went to the front porch and had to remove everything again.
This time she was playing with the little umbrella stroller and the dummy decided to stand up on it. The stroller toppled over of course.
To my amazement there was only a small amount of blood and to my even greater amazement there was no blood coming from her mouth. I thought for sure she had cut the inside.
She now has a perfect red circle on her cheek as she landed smack dab center of the umbrella handle.

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Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

She thought it was way too cool that I wanted to take a photo of her red mark. I should add that in the second picture she is not crying - she is saying "cheese". It is getting almost impossible to take a photo of ToddlerJi now without her going "cheese" and squishing her whole face up.
After this she proceeded to attempt to stand up in the stroller again which got a bit of a tounge lashing from me.
She decided to not try any more after that.

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