Friday, March 23, 2007

REAL MOMS........................ ROCK!

Mo-Wo tagged me!!!
I haven’t been tagged for a while. Wow! I feel kinda special. Only problem is this tag is making me come up with something ingenious.
Well she tagged me on the right day.


Know when to KICK BUTT when members of their family are getting the wrong end of the stick!!!

FIRST: Today at the swimming pool I had to give an older teenage boy a two footed swimmers shove when he started getting too close to ToddlerJi while he was horsing around.

THEN: The mail came.
Remember this – the bad boss – well the “bad boss” wrote my dear hubby a letter full of gobbly gook and lies saying he doesn’t have to pay my hubby the money that he owes him.
Well he is picking a fight with the wrong wife and mom let me tell ya!!!
I called the restaurant but the “bad boss” was conveniently not there so I told his wife that we had gotten his letter, that it was totally unacceptable and that we would be submitting our complaint to the Labour Board immediately.
She said nothing.

I am now on the computer looking for some information on the labour site that was given to us. I will fill you ALL in on what happens.
For you information – if you ever have any troubles with a boss there is a special “Employment Standars Self-Help Kit” that will put you through the first step before having to go to the next step that we are now facing. The problem is that if the “bad boss” is so snot nosed enough to sink to this level in the first place chances are very high that you will be heading to the Labour Board.
Now for some internet searching.

But my kid sure knows how to make me smile!!!

Here is a link to a great video of ToddlerJi. I had to link it because this new blogger is *#$%^()&#%^()&#&()^!#$% me off!!

Oh and some tags – hehehehe (evil grin) I tag, ummmmm, gotta first check to make sure they haven't already been tagged:
Definitely Gawdessnes
I cant tag Mausi cause she is in Denmark on Holidays
For sure Medeaification cause she is a NEW mommy!!
And Sheri cause I miss her.

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