Thursday, March 29, 2007

A letter to my beautiful little girl

Ahh… my darling little girl.

For the past week you have created for us some very tired mornings due to your crawling into our bed at three in the morning. You come to us wide awake with this desire to tell us stories, ask for some milk and a slice of meet.
We love having you tell us your dreams and ambitions but are not able to respond as you would like at three in the morning, I am sorry. Maybe your should consider waiting until seven or eight in the morning?

Your dancing skills are developing wonderfully and I do giggle when you shack your hips all cute. I enjoy it even more when you push your daddies hips to make him shake along with you. I need to remember to get it on video so that I never forget. But I must correct you as it is “shake your BOOTY” and not Shake your Pony”.
But it is definitely a lot cuter.

Your artistic side has been bursting and I guess I should go out and buy you some more colouring books and crayons as you have not been able to express yourself as much as you would love to. Instead you have started finger painting and I know it is tons of fun. I used to love finger painting when I was a child too. I think your grandma has some of those pictures still in her archives – I loved using reds and greens.
Maybe I should buy you some easy washable paint as “poop” does not store very well in the basement and it tends to attract rodents and smells.

But you have definitely given your father and me an eventful week up to this point and we have loved every minute of it.

We love you very much.
Love Mom

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