Monday, March 19, 2007

Diving into life

Wow busy, busy, busy.
And that is mildly put.

On Thursday after work ToddlerJi and I headed over to the Leisure centre to sign up for “parent’s and tots” swimming class and to get a pass for regular swimming. She had a hissy fit as we left because we did not actually go swimming that night.

So on Friday evening we went swimming.

We live in a prime location for leisure activities – ball diamonds, hockey rinks, walking paths and the Leisure centre, all within a half block radius. Wahoo. It is a tad expensive though.

The monthly pass for the Leisure centre is a little over my head at the moment so we bought ten passes to use between Li and I that never expire. We will see how this works out. At the rate ToddlerJi is going though them I may have to get the stupid pass.

Last night she REFUSED to eat dinner or think of anything other than going swimming. She had a melt down until I finally gave in.
She ran upstairs and got her swimming suit and then ran back downstairs and changed into her suit (with only minimal help allowed from me) in front of the front door. She then REFUSED to put clothes over top of her swim suit. She swam, and she really was swimming, for almost an hour and a half last night. NUTS. We went on the slide last night – big mistake – she LOVED it. Freaky kid.

But she did go to sleep without too much hassle last night.

So I now have a kid screaming about going swimming every waking hour, went to a baby shower on Saturday for a friend of mine (a happy time that makes me break out into a big grin every time I think about it), Costco on Sunday for chicken and pork, had an investment lady to the house on Sunday to set up ToddlerJi’s RESP, and then starting today I am back to school two nights a week for the next two months to do my book keeping II class.

And I hope to start planting my little herb garden soon. I even bought my first little planter of primroses to add some colour to the front porch.

I love spring!!!

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