Monday, March 12, 2007


My friend at work gave us this pantry cupboard a few weeks back. I then sanded it down roughly and painted it white with the doors the same blue as our kitchen walls. It is now our phone stand and the pantry part is stuffed with phone books and cookbooks. I bought the good luck bamboo the other day just before Li got the new job.
Hmmm maybe it worked.
They need a different vase though.

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Then I raided my mom's basement and I got the stool that is in the picture above. We sanded it down and painted it. Love that stool.

I also nabbed these two painting. The one on the right is an oil that my mom did many moons ago. I have always loved it. It is now hanging in our powder room bathroom. Because the walls in there are the same deep blue as the kitchen the painting looks awesome in there.

I grabbed the one on the left thinking that my sister had painted it as it looks like something that she would do, but she didn't - turned out to be some lady named Helen. This painting made it to some big BC art show.
I haven't figured out where I want to hang it yet. I am thinking it would look really nice in the basement when it is done because those walls are going to be a bright cheery yellow. hmmm

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