Friday, March 16, 2007

crazy about buttons

Everyone has a weird tick or slight oddity about them.
Mine – well I have many.
Well she sucks her thumb and has this odd fascination with buttons.
Yes buttons.

Whenever she is tired, worried, upset or in need of some comfort she sticks her thumb in her mouth and twists a button between her fingers. The thumb sucking drives my hubby up the wall and the button twisting drives me up the wall.

I was a big time thumb sucker and braces for four years was the result. This is what my husband is terrified of. I have asked him not to make a big deal out of her thumb sucking and not to fight with her about it. He isn’t – instead we joke with her about it, silently remove her thumb and do things in more of a sort of off handed manner.

Now the button thing is a totally different story.
She basically has to be wearing something with a button sewn on to it that she can twist or she gets pretty pissy.
Last night she fell asleep without a button – this backfired on me and at three this morning I was woken by her scream of:
“MOMMMMMMYYYY where is Button?!!!!!”
in the baby monitor.

At three in the morning my head is not on totally straight and I ran in circles a couple of times trying to find some piece of clothing with a button – snaps don’t work. I ended up having to fish a dirty sweater out of the laundry basket to please her.
She then laid down and fell back to sleep after her adorable,
“Thank you mommy”.
(I love it when she says that.)

This morning she came into the bathroom while I was applying makeup and was dragging the sweater behind her as if it was a blanket. The light bulb went on above my head and I immediately thought of taking a small blanket made of soft but strong material and sewing LARGE buttons all over it with upholstery thread.

This might be a project for me over the next week, whattaya think?

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