Friday, February 23, 2007

The colours we chose

I was asked about what colours we used in the house.

Well, we used colour chips from Rona – their Sico colour line. Our painter took those colour chips and had them matched over at ICI Paints. He has an account there and even though the paint was a little bit more expensive the quality is excellent. He used an eggshell base paint and if you do a spot paint in the middle of the wall it dries perfectly blended in. There is no evidence to your spot painting. It is wonderful stuff.

On the ceilings he used a special sealant paint that is for covering tobacco and water stains. It seals in the smells and does not allow the stain colour to seep through. This was much cheaper and MUCH easier than making any attempt to wash it.

In the kitchen we used natural white on the cabinets and trim. The walls are painted “Ballroom Blue”. We used the same colour in the powder room and put left over tile on the sink counter top. Looks amazing.

The tile in the kitchen and dining room is from Daltile and is from the French Quarter series called CobbleStone.

The red that is used throughout the living room and hallways is “Flamenco Red”. I love this red. Then the trim is all Natural White.

We sanded down the parquet wood tile hallway and re-stained it a dark mahogany and then covered it with a shinny finish. We need to add a mirror at the end of the hall to keep the xhi flowing.

In our bedroom we used a lovely “Greyish Sage”. This colour goes so beautiful with natural woods and white trim. We have a honey oak bedroom set and the trim is all natural white. We made the blinds a birch colour.

The Bathroom is the most amazing colour. My friend Cheri picked it and what a perfect pick. It is hard to describe how friendly this colour is. It is called “Cotton Duck” and has the ability to look perfect next to brown accents, white accents, yellow accents or even green accents. It is such a relaxing colour. We have it with a shower curtain that has a touch of gold in it, dark brown mats and natural white accents. It is lovely.

ToddlerJi’s room (and here, and here) is not totally decorated the way I would love it to be yet. I envision it with a bench couch high enough to store her toy boxes and a little desk along the one wall. We painted it “Lightening Star”. It is bright, cheery and inviting.

The spare bedroom (really a pile of unpacked boxes at the moment) is this neat orange that I fell in love with. Some people don’t like it but I really do. I find it quite inviting and warm. It is called “Calcutta Silk” and looks amazing with the natural white trim.

The basement is not done yet. We already have the new carpet in place. It is a foresty green Berber with little specks of yellow in it. We are thinking of painting the walls a deep yellow with a natural white ceiling to go for a very earth feeling. Bright and cheery: adding a bit of dimension. I am thinking of something along the lines of the Green plum but brighter. Li wants a little mini water fall things, that you can get at the garden stores, at the bottom of the stairs. It will bring good fung shui he says.

So TAADAA!! That is our house colours. But remember! We used only ONE carpet colour throughout the two main floors to tie it all together. We brought all the paint chips to the carpet store and laid them on top of the different carpets until we found one that had little hints of all the colours we wanted (including the yellow of the basement).

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