Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching up on things

I have been meaning to write this post for a long while. I hope I remember to add the links when I am done this.
In the past few months I have stumbled upon and have been stumbled upon by some wonderful bloggers – most who have far more interesting things to write than me.

I guess first I would love for everyone to pop over to Granny’s Place and send her some more loving prayer. She is such an amazing woman with the most unimaginably strong sholders. Every time I try to complain about life I think of Granny and reverse my thoughts to send her as many good ones as I can create at that moment.

Recently Crunchy Carpets hooked me up to a new blog – Wet Coast Women. It is great as it is news and info related to my part of the world. I have been given the opportunity to write something on there but my creative muse is on hold, for what ever reason, and I cant think of anything interesting to write about. Hmmm. Still working on this.

I started reading Izzy Mom recently. I used to pop over there long ago but with soooo many great blogs to read she fell though the cracks. Well I have been using a bit of sealant on the cracks and doing some more reading.

For the record I haven’t been leaving comments on everyones blogs like I used to, mostly because I am a bad girl and read on the sly at work when I cant handle the visa inputting screen or Quick Books in general. Sometimes you just need to turn your brain off and restart it again.

I recently noticed that Montchan started a different blog. It is really good.

Cuddles and Erin pop in once and a while and I pop over there when ever I can. I pop into A Typical Woman quite often. I really enjoy the coffee beans on her template right now. She seems to find interesting little Blog gadgets that I have been tempted to play with.

I have been made the secretary for our Island 22 Group. Ahhhh… More responsibility that I seem to thrive off of. I have been checking out better ways to beg for sponsor money. If anyone knows any cool begging ideas they have seen please send it my way. Money, or the lack there of is always an issue. I am in the search for prize money. **sigh** I would love to win the lottery.

ToddlerJi has strep throat. I have no idea how she got it but I do recall that I had it a few too many times as a kid. She had a temperature of 37.5 when I called into work in the morning to say that Iwasnt going to make it. By the time I got her to a doctors appointment, with a doctor that wasn’t hers because ours was booked till Wednesday, she had hit 39. She was not a happy kid. The doctor we ended up with was a really nice young guy. I was impressed with him. He was the type of guy that bent down to her level, looked her in the eye and said, “Hi JiJi. I am Dave and I am a doctor. I am going to try to understand why you are not feeling well. Can you help me?” She was too feaverish to say anything but blink two times. She handled the whole stick in her mouth to look inside thing and the stethoscope quite well though. He was pretty sure it was strep so didn’t want to subject her to tests that would just put her into a state. I was happy and after the first round of drugs ToddlerJi was happy too.
She will be going back to daycare for the first time this week tomorrow. Hopefully she sleeps all night.

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