Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back on line at home

I just did my pay roll homework. Grrr. My numbers are so not matching my teachers and I have NO CLUE what I am doing wrong. It is pi**ing me off! Class on Saturday.


The whole reason for that few sentences above was to point out that I HAVE MY COMPUTER HOOKED UP AT HOME!! YAA!!!

It is hooked up in the spare room right now, but it is up. I wanted to hold out till the basement was done but my need to be able to study and do my homework outweighed my desire to keep everything neat and tidy.
Oh well.

This means that soon, I hope very soon, I will be able to update my links on the side as I have been in touch with some new great blogs and some new people have come on over this way.

This also means that maybe I can start to catch up on my blog reading and find out what all of you are up to. We don’t have a TV yet, probably wont for a while, and I have been happily using this time away from the boob tube to READ! I have finished one book already – Ian Rankin ROCKS!!!

I have photos for you all but it is late and I am still all grry at my homework so I will upload some photos for you tomorrow. I will try not to overload you on photos and just do a few at a time. Hehehe There are sooooo many.

I really want to show you some before and after photos of the place. I need to remove the hesitant voices out there that balked at me mentioning red walls cause people…
Everyone that walks in is first shocked and then shocked again at how much they like it.

We are slowly hanging out pictures and scrolls. It is a slow process of feeling and decoration combined. Just because there is a wall there does not mean it requires something hanging on it.

ToddlerJi is sleeping a little bit better. Not as early as she used to but she is settling better on her own. This is a blessing. It isn’t perfect but it is getting better.

Tonight after dinner (Li was at work) ToddlerJi and I went for a walk.
Our place is so perfectly located it is scary – a half a block (literally) from the giant pool complex, across the road (with a divider of houses to keep the noise at bay) from the hockey rink, across the road from about a dozen soccer, football and baseball fields that is surrounded by a well maintained and used walking path and all with scattered playgrounds at each venue. I would have to say we are pretty damn lucky that way. So tonight ToddlerJi and I figured out how to unlock the three-wheel x-country stroller that friend gave us and headed out for a brisk (hopefully butt shrinking) walk that felt wonderful.
So much so, that ToddlerJi put up a MASIVE hissy fit when I tried to bring her inside after. Ugh.

OHH and this morning the MOST AMAZING THING HAPPENED!!!! I won tickets to a comedy improve show next weekend. I won them off the RADIO!!! HAHAHA!! I WAS CALLER NUMBER FIVE!!!
I have never done that before ever and I won. That is soo wowzers.

I need to go and buy another lottery ticket tomorrow.

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