Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sweet tinkling sounds

ToddlerJi has peed THREE TIMES while sitting on the potty!!!!

She gets a major belly giggle when Li and I start jumping around all over the place in happiness.

I brought her over this step thing from Dads so that she could get onto the toilet all by herself.
That went straight into the cupboard to be brought out at a later date. All she wanted to do was get on and off the potty!!! There was no peeing involved!! Just on, then off, then on, then off. I couldn’t even get her to take a bath and play with her much loved bubbles!!
I started to go nuts.
As soon as she went to be d I hid the damn thing in the cupboard.

Once the whole peeing thing is a little more under control and regular I will give it back to her. She already knows how to place her seat perfectly on the toilet for when it is time to sit and try and is a very good girl about putting it away.
I bought her two – one for each bathroom so there will never be any misses in this next learning curve of headaches for her mommy and daddy.

The other day she was getting ready for a bath and I make her sit on the potty before she goes in. Well she put the seat on the toilet all by herself and then pulled her pants and diaper down bending over to bet them off properly.
Well she failed to tell me that she had done quite the smelly number in that there diaper and in the process of bending over her gooey covered butt hit the newly painted WHITE door wasn’t so white anymore!
Well you can use your imagination to finish the rest of this story.
A lot of Bathroom Vim was used up.

I am sure this learning curve will give me more stories to tell you about.

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