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Rats messing with my alcohol and a little bit about Daycare

It is the Third of the month and this is my first post of the NEW YEAR!
I must be getting slack.

I could just blame it on my cold which is turning me into a total couch potatoes sap. I HATE being sick. This is a cough coming straight from the chest and it sucks. What sucks even more is my reaction to alcohol.

I generally can not drink: I have a slight allergie to yeast and am one of those people that doesn’t pass out when drunk. Fourteen years ago maybe but not anymore. I have few drinks and I cant sleep even a TINY bit. There is no spinning, just no sleeping. Drives me mental.
Well most cough syrup has alcohol in it and during the day it is not a problem but at night I am just screwed. The cough syrup stops my coughing and clears my snot globed nose instantly BUT I cant sleep to let my body fight off this damn cold. GRR!!

How is that for starting the new year off right – bitching and complaining.

I have more complaining to do.

Last night I had taken just enough cough syrup to stop the cough but not totally prevent sleeping. So there I was all asleep, which took a while to happen due to the damn medicine, and this go***** blo*** rodent of some sort snuck into the ceiling of our room and proceeded to attempt to eat its way through the drywall.

When the entire house is quite at 4 in the morning that crunching, scratching ripping sound seems TEN TIME LOUDER THAN IT PROBABLY IS!!

And I woke up.

After maybe ten minutes I couldn’t handle it anymore and proceeded to walk around the room with my ears tuned into the sound so that I could get the EXACT location that this stupid rodent was creating devastation. I then proceeded to pound on the ceiling with the full intent of giving it a bloody heart attack.

The noise stopped and stopped for the whole night. The only problem was that it took me almost two bloody hours to fall back asleep.

Ya, so I am tired and almost, I repeat almost, wishing I drank coffee. I am slurping tea instead.

On a very New Year note we are going to be making some daycare changes soon.
Remember me telling you about looking for a Chinese babysitter a while back. I cant remember when so cant find the post right now.

Li is really for ToddlerJi learning Chinese and so am I. He found a lady through his English class that had gotten her daycare license and spoke only Chinese in the home. We thought she lived on the other side of the highway though and there was NO WAY I was going to drive that far every morning. That and ToddlerJi really loves her daycare lady now.
We were toying with the idea of a couple hours a week more as a school idea to get her more exposed to spoken Chinese but it just wasn’t going to work.

WELL!!! Li came home from working at the new house with Dad one day and was quite excited. It turns out that this lady does NOT live on the other side of the freeway but in OUR TOWNHOUSE COMPLEX!!

OMG!! We are in number 22 she is in number 40.
Um, OMG!

So I finally had a chance to meet her and we brought ToddlerJi with us. ToddlerJi walked right into her house, straight into the living room and started playing with the toys.

The lady does her daycare at home, will NOT take her out in her car, has a fenced back yard, has one other full time daycare girl and a part time boy, has two elementary school girls of her own, will speak only Chinese, doesn’t care what time I pick her up or drop her off, will charge half day prices on the days that Li can keep her for most of the day and will feed her lunch because she is already making lunch. She has also offered, not me asking, to baby-sit on evening or weekends if we need it.

We are starting in February.

I was so thrilled with ToddlerJi when we were at her place the other day. ToddlerJi does not hear enough Chinese and when the ladies girls introduced themselves to ToddlerJi in Chinese ToddlerJi just stared and then SAID HER NAME introducing herself! She knew.
I was so proud of her.

She is at the most perfect age to do this. She is repeating everything you say to her, points at everything asking “what’s that” and then properly repeats when you tell her.
She is learning so fast right we feel like we are running to catch up with her.

It is exciting.

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