Monday, January 15, 2007

The power of a word.

There were some really cute answers to complete the riddle below. They made me giggle – thanks all.

On the weekend Li and I spend Saturday cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more,
then doing some of that sealant goopy stuff that you put along the top of baseboards.
Not done that – wow does it take forever.

Then on Saturday night, after ToddlerJi went to bed and Li was at work I put a coat of tile sealer on the grout of the kitchen floor and the shower wall – still need to do at least one coat.
on Sunday Li and I MOVED three pick up loads of our stuff into the house!!!

YES we officially started to move,
into the house yesterday.


After ToddlerJi went to bed we headed back there (Li had a day off work) and we were there till eleven oclockish sorting boxes (in this bedroom, in the basement, in the kitchen sort of stuff) and worked on putting the kitchen in order.

We quickly discovered that we have a ton of ceramics but no pots and pans. **sigh** more shopping must be done.

On Sunday ToddlerJi spent basically the whole day at my dad’s place but on Saturday we was with us helping us clean.
She was just a hoot.

Every time we go to the house we bring her bike with her. She has two bikes – one for outside only and one for inside only – well she loves her inside bike and the new place has a perfect circle track that she can buzz around. She is starting to get very fast.

She then proceeded to amuse us greatly by pretending she was a puppy.

I was washing the walls in the hallway and Li was in the kitchen cleaning (probably for the last time ever but I took advantage of it, lol) when I over heard ToddlerJi making thumping noises as she was crawling on the tile. She went up to her daddy and went: “Papa papa look, look. I’m Puppy!! Arf arf!” Wow did she crack him up. She loved that she made him laugh so she had to crawl and bark over to me and go

“Mama mama Look! I’m puppy!! Arf arf!!”

“Ohh hunny you are a very pretty puppy”

“Pretty puppy?”


“Arf Arf!”

“Are you Tody?” (May dad’s dogs name is Toby)

“Oby Oby!! Arf arf”

Li then starts whistling and goes “Toby!! Toby {whistle} Toby come here, come here!”

ToddlerJi crawls on back barking away.

She had us in stitches she did. Damn she can be funny sometimes. She has started talking A LOT! And she is speaking a lot of full sentences.

About two weeks ago she learned the power of “Away” mixed with the word “go”. Hmmm First she used it to tell me she was really tired when we were at the new house and that she wanted to go home and have a nap. She came up to me pointing at the window and went “mama away, away!”

Then she figured out that “go bubbles” had a stronger affect, mostly a faster response.

But then she started to string together “go away” when she wanted to leave. I was fine with that, but recently she learned the negative aspect of it when she wants someone else to leave her alone.
I don’t like that to much.
This makes me a little frowny at her and there is no motherly love when she comes up to me crying because she did not get her desired response. She uses it most with the recliner chair in dad’s tv room. She loves that chair. She starts bawling if someone is sitting in it and she will not share, oh no.
She actually went up to my step mom and told her to move. When that didn’t get the action she wanted she then proceeded to grab her foot, pull and say “go away!”.

Ya, sweet. Not! But she is basically a very polite kid – she has learned the power of “please” and “thank you” and uses it all the time. Well we always make sure we say “you are welcome after”. ToddlerJi thinks theses words are one and now she will go

“Thank you you are welcome”

all in the same breath. Hehehe It is really cute.

Sixteen more days before she turns two!!!

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