Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year's Delurking Post - COME ON OUT!!

I am finding a chance to write.

It has been wild around here and I am not really talking about my life but the blasted weather!! Snow and wind to last a year!!
I live in BC!! THE WESTCOAST!!
Land of Sun and Rain!!!

I was planning to write some nonsense last night but the lights kept flickering so I decided against it and just unplugged my computer from the wall.
Seemed safer to me.

Things have been chugging along just normal –

  • one minute the hubby loves me and the next I am the cause of all his problems,
  • one minute his job is great and the next his boss is screwing him over,
  • one minute I think we are ready to start moving stuff into our house and the next minute we realize yet another headache that has to be dealt with (note to self and all reading: renovations NEVER go according to plan)
  • and last but not least, one minute ToddlerJi is a doll and the next she is a devil.

Ahh the terrible twos are here. Three weeks and counting and they will be here for real. My friend here at work was giggling when she told me her great way to remember the hellish toddler years I have ahead of me:

the terrible twos,

the trying threes,

the fu**ing fours.

She didn’t have any witty comment for the fives and so on.

So as my NEW YEAR’S DELURKING POST come up with some witty way to finish this rhyme. We need
  • ????? fives,
  • ????? sixes,
  • ????? sevens
  • and well any other s yuall can think of.

I am excited to hear what you come up with. Hehe.

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