Friday, January 26, 2007

I haven't disapeared...yet

Hey all, I am sneaking this in.
I don’t have a computer at the new house yet. I didn’t want to move it from my dad’s until we were actually ready for it. I could see disaster and broken things in the future if we did.

So we have moved!!!

And we are doing quite well with the unpacking.
Which isn’t too hard when we can’t actually unpack that much, due to the fact that we have very little furniture and nothing to put our things on. The master bedroom is basically done and organized.

For some odd reason I brought our closet things that we had had in Japan and they have proved to be a godsend in the room because we sooooo can NOT afford any fancy stuff for a while. And it looks good. I have spent money on all these organizer box things from Super Store but it looks good.

ToddlerJi has a real bed now. This took her a few nights to adjust to but she has done amazingly well with it. The first few nights she insisted that we lay down with her –
“Head. Head. Lay down. Lay down.”
We went along for a few days but were terrified she would start to expect it every night for ooohhh
the next couple of years
but out of the blue on Thursday night I put her to bed, tucked her in and she went,
I went “ohh, ok”
and sprinted out the door. She has been going to bed a little later than normal but she is getting better.

Last night she scared the living bageebers out of me.
I put her to bed and she was all comfortable and fine with her teddy bear sitting up against her guard rail. My dad had been trying to get a hold of me so I called him on the cell so I could walk around and keep doing unpacking work.
Well there I am talking to Dad probably an hour after ToddlerJi had gone to bed and I turn to head upstairs to do some stuff up stairs and there she is standing TOTALLY silent at the top of the stairs!
I thought she was a bloody ghost or something.
I literally had a heart attack.
Gave my dad a pretty good giggle.
When I asked her to go to bed she said
“NO! Milk!”
and stomped down stairs to the fridge. I gave her some milk, she sat and drank it then headed back up to her room to go to sleep.

Crazy kid.
She turns two in FIVE days!!!

The basement is not finished yet, but they are working away on getting the first main room done along with the laundry room. We don’t have a washer and dryer in there yet but it should be soon. When that is done we can move the computer in safely.

I start school tomorrow. I am doing a six week, once a week intensive Pay Roll class on Saturdays. Sucks a bit as the weather is turning nice but this is an important class for my certificate.

Financially I can’t tell ya things are great but we are surviving and things feel good.
It is nice to tell ToddlerJi
“Let’s go home.”
She has even started to say “go home”.

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