Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dreaming of Santa


It has been six years since I have celebrated Christmas in Canada and lets just say that I am really not missing Japan right now.

Don’t get me wrong!! I love Christmas and all that it is but I did not miss the hustle, bustle and craziness. Not to mention the EXPENSE!

Last year was actually the first Christmas in five years that I didn’t actually work on Christmas day. How weird is that? And this year I have three days of holiday. It almost feels wrong.
I said ‘almost’!!

I have been checking out fake Christmas trees to buy for next year when we are in our own place. I know fake is, well, fake, but in a townhouse and not owning a truck a fake tree just makes so much more sense.

Li is not for buying a tree. He is a little against a tree. Too bad! I think he is getting a bit overwhelmed by the craziness of Christmas. This is his first Christmas in a Christmas country ever.

My dad’s family Christmas dinner is at dad’s house and will have 20 people over. Li is shaking his head in amazement.

My moms dinner is thankfully not quite so crazy.

ToddlerJi has figured out how to say Santa perfectly now and the other day in the car she started calling out for him. Hehehe it was too cute. She doesn’t understand yet but she is catching on pretty quickly.
She just loves Christmas lights and points at them all saying “ohhhh pretty!”

She is starting to speak sentences already and it is freaking me out a little bit. She is growing up just too damn fast.

The terrible two’s have come upon us full born and she is almost like a person with dual personalities. The kid can change her moods in a heartbeat – sweet angel to devil incarnate and back again before you know what has hit you.

Ahh life is progressing just normally.

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