Wednesday, December 20, 2006


ToddlerJi, Li and I went to see the HOLIDAY TRAIN in Agassiz last night!!!!

I had no idea the thing existed but the lady I work with told me all about it and I had to go see.

Basically it is a CPR train that travels all over the USA and Canada stopping at all these little towns along the way to collect food and money for each towns food bank. The train is about 8 cars long and COVERED in Christmas lights!!
It is so awesome.

We missed the train as it pulled up and I really wanted to see it roll in but we were a little late. Next year I will do better.

One of the cars is special designed with extra large doors that pull open when they get to their spot and inside is A BAND! They do a live thirty minute concert with Santa walking around talking to all the kids.

This year’s concert people were WIDE MOUTH MASON!! And LISA BROKOP!!!! SOOOO COOOLLLL!!!!
It was a blast.

ToddlerJi’s eyes were all bugged out during the whole thing. She was pulling a two year old temper tantrum before that stopped as soon as she saw the train. “Oooohhhhh.”
We were all singing along and bopping to the music. A little half hour interlude just before dinner – the train pulled in at 5:30 last night – it was great.

It was the start of a family Christmas tradition.
I highly recommend you go and see it if it stops anywhere near your town next year.

I will post photos tonight when I get home from work. I was wrapping presents last night **grin**.
Right now I am at work pigging out on amazing cheesecake a vendor sent us. YUMMY!!!

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