Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day 2006

Boxing Day!!!
Time to go shopping!!!!


You couldn’t pay me to head to a mall right now.

Instead we were blessed with a short sleeping again and then headed over to our new house to finish the macktaking and try to hang curtain rods.
I say try because as this is an older place there is one of those traditional wood valances handing in front of the window and we need to buy an extra short screw driver. Li got it started but not in. He also worked on hanging the shower curtain rod but it has some rust spots on it. He tried cleaning it up but needs some oil to do it properly.

But we put some light fixtures back together again and ToddlerJi drove her bike all over the living room and kitchen.

Li is now making a very odd Chinese style coleslaw that involves fried onions. Actually doesn’t taste too bad. We will see how it goes over at Mom’s later for our Boxing Day dinner.

ToddlerJi is now asleep with a monkey on one side and a bear on the other. She is very content.

I hope everyone else is just as content and all are safe, happy and warm.

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