Monday, November 13, 2006

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Ya the walls and the celing are a tad grimmy but to our surprise very little damage has been done to them (happy dance). We finally found the grow op room in the basement that we were pretty sure existed - tad bit of mold and rust to clean up. Not too bad though as it was a small area. There is a HUGE hole in the main bathroom becasue the washer and dryerwere illigally put in there with out propper electrical or venting. BAD!
That and there are is a door from the master bedroom into the bathroom that we really dont want as it is a major waste of space both in the bathroom and the bedroom - little work there.
The basement needs some ripping, a lot of drywall (expensive ouch) carpet and paind. The giant closet where the grow op was is being ripped out to gain more room and another closet is being put in the far totally unfinished room. We had our electrician over yesterday and there is some work to do but it is doable.
I need a new fridge as well as this one is totally shot.
The red is going to look awsome Jean - Totally AWSOME! All the colours we have chosen are very strong and bold but we have kept with one single carpet colour to pull it all together. Except for the basement - that is going to be bright yellow with this awsome green berber carpet!!
The celings have to be painted with this special seal in the smell paint that will also seal in the nicotine that tends to leach colour through to paints.
And the kitchen has taken me three days to clean. YUCK!!

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