Friday, November 24, 2006

Flip this house and other stories

Well things are moving along smoothly in the house renovations department.

We finally found a painter who can work within our budget and whom I know does a good job. We had talked to a few others who gave us prizes that were very unreasonable. This new guy comes recommended from the renovations builder here at work, charges a flat hourly rate and works at lightening speed. He also does a great job!

People keep asking me why I am not just painting the place myself and trust me, after some of the quotes we received Li and I were seriously considering it but really did not want to go there. Why you ask?

One: It is two whole floors of painting. Every single room is being painted and EEKK comes to mind. If it was just one room are area then ya I would consider it.

Two: I have a slightly bad back from falling off a few horses in the past, I also have inherited my mothers side of the family arthritis in my hands. It sets in during wet cold weather, like umm NOW! Man but this weather sucks. I really miss my Japanese winter right now. Where I lived in Japan we never had snow and the winters were so dry. I stupidly complained I am so not now.

Three: This guy painted ALL OF THE CELINGS ON BOTH FLOORS IN ONE DAY! AND WITH NO SPLATTER!!! He had tape up in maybe two spots and not a single spot on the ground. Now if this was me doing it the living room might have gotten done in a day, there would have been a ton of splatter and the windows and every single edge around would have had to be taped due to flying paint. Talk about a major waste of paint!

Four: Time and the lack there of.

So we have hired a painter. He started yesterday and the whole place feels so much cleaner and brighter already, and that is just the ceilings.

I am officially starting to get excited.

Last weekend we bought toilets for the place.
Yes toilets, the ones now are pretty scummy and oh so old. We bought a new sink for the powder room. It was all rusty so out it went. Had to get a new faucet as well as the other you couldn’t even turn it on. Then it started it leaking so my lovely plumber friend has some work to do. **sigh** .

In other news ToddlerJi and I got our flu shots.
The nurse didn’t say anything about her needing a booster one so now I need to go and investigate that out. **sigh**

Work is going great for me.

Li has given his notice at the hotel and starts a new job right across the street from the hotel next week. He will be kitchen manager again with more regular hours, a better boss, better staff and better pay. He is happier about the whole thing. He is also getting A’s in school so that is brilliant.

I finished my classes and did amazing so I am thrilled with myself there.

And ToddlerJi has learned how to go “MOMMY! EUWWW!! STINKY POOPOO! YUCK!

Expat asked about our approximate location – we are across from the hockey rink and baseball diamond / soccer fields. Amazing location, only a block and a half from the hospital but away from the noise zone. Li can actually walk to work.

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