Monday, November 06, 2006

Blabbing on a Monday

I am very blaa right now.

I am really worried about ToddlerJi at the moment.
This may be a bit more info than you probably wanted to know about her but she has been having some DAILY foul smelling blowouts. It has been gross. I have had to change her bedding twice in the last three days.

The weird part is that she is not acting unhealthy in any other way – she is FULL of energy, eating well and drinking well. We have not changed a single thing in her diet. She has had this major case of the runs for almost two weeks now and it is officially starting to worry me.
I have talked to the daycare lady at length about this whole stinky (and it is VERY stinky) ordeal and because we have not added anything new to her diet we are going to start keeping track of exactly what foods we give her and try to give them to her a few days in a row. I am going to make some changes to her milk as well to see what happens.
It is all so odd and frustrating!! I feel helpless but she is so healthy and happy I am at a loss.

Other than the large number of diaper changes in my life as of late I still have my nose buried in my books for my final this Wednesday.
I am a little worried about that as well. I never do well on finals. I need to change that streak in my life.
Hear me ROAR!

Then there is all the house crap that feels like it is falling down around my heads at the moment.

My horoscope actually told me to not make any decisions regarding home or real-estate today – could they have been a little more bloody perceptive?!

I need chocolate so I am taking a short break from writing this to grab some!

So a huge word of note to all Canadian expats that are considering moving back to Canada – You don’t qualify for the New Home Buyers Property Tax Exemption UNLESS you have filed income tax for the previous two years.

BANG! There goes two thousand of my quickly shrinking savings. And then I have to pay the damn lawyer for them to tell me that!

Then I find out that because both Li and I had been in the country for such a short period of time and had only just started working we had to have both our names on the mortgage. The major side effect of this is now I don’t get the Tax Exemption and neither does Li!! So if we do sell and get another place we cant get it in his name and save us some mula that way.

BUT then I also found out that because he is a new Canadian he doesn’t even qualify for it for about SIX YEARS!

I feel like I am being stone walled today.
I feel very lethargic and loose. I don’t feel tense and nail biting, just blaa and defeated.

THEN there is a panic attack about how much it is starting to cost to fix up this damn home that I don’t even own yet!!

I don’t think we can do the basement for a while like we had originally thought we could. Who knows! My horoscope said don’t make decisions so I am not.

I have so much damn money flying out of our bank accounts right now I have started to put my book keeping class to good use and try to keep track of where the hell all of our money is going. I started an General Journal to record all this crap and then a General Ledger to see where all the crap is heading to. It is so damn depressing.

I need to check my Lotto Ticket later. I don’t need to win the whole damn thing, just a few thousand would get me on my way. It would pay for the carpet in the basement!!

On Saturday my mom and I, with a ToddlerJi in tow, headed to the carpet store to pick something out and we found two PERFECT carpet swatches! Just PERFECT!
The Basement is going to be a BRIGHT yellow throughout and the carpet is this amazing forest green berber with little yellow specks in it. Way to cool.
But I might have to wait on it. Going to make sure I keep the carpet code on file though.

On Sunday Li, ToddlerJi and I braved the pouring rain and headed out to Maple Ridge to a co-workers to have a smoked salmon eating party. OHHHH YUMMMYYY!!!! He made this AWSOME smoked salmon pate that was just wow!

So ya, life continues and I have not been able to read all my blogging buddies again.
The last couple night when I have had a chance I pulled the computer plugs out of the wall and pulled out the internet cable as well – the weather has been just awful and the area where I am is very prone to blackouts and power surges. I really can not afford to replace that computer right now so safety first they say.

WOW talk about babbling on!

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