Monday, October 09, 2006

A wonderful Thanksgiving

I would just like to thank Mother Earth, Buddha, all the Hindu Gods, Allah, all the Druid, witches and pixies as well as God. Which ever one of you that controls the spirals of fate – THANK YOU FOR NOT KILLING MY AUNT AND NIECES!


Yesterday my aunt was driving back from somewhere with my two young nieces all BUCKLED UP IN THE BACK SEAT of their SUV (I have no clue what kind) when she suddenly lost total control of the vehicle zigged all over the road, headed straight for the ditch and flipped over landing upside down in the ditch!!

They were all unhurt. WOW!

But this is not where the Thanksgiving spiral ends.

Driving behind them was a man on a motorcycle. He immediately stopped and called 911. He also flagged down the first car he saw for help. It turns out that this man on the motorcycle is my grandmother next door neighbour. When he found out that it was Grandma’s daughter that he had helped he gave grandma a huge hug thankful that the world is actually such a small place and that he had been there to help.

The spiral is not finished…

The car that the motorcycle man stopped contained two people – a fireman and a nurse – who had a good supply of blankets and cell phones on hand to wrap up the kids and my aunt.
What are the chances of that?

Another wonderful man immediately stopped and started directing traffic.

The car is totalled – the police told my aunt 20 thousand dollars worth of damage. Umm I consider that totalled.

I called my aunt immediately after my grandmother told me about this happening this morning. They are all shaken up and the kids have some great show-and-tell for school tomorrow!

She said that after the car settled – upside-down – they were all hanging their in their seat belts and my aunt hear Katie going, ‘Umm mom, now what are we going to do?’ She was able to get her seatbelt unbuckled and my aunt said there was a really weird short period of time where she was hanging upside down looking down on her older daughter who was sitting on the ceiling of the car. Well Katie got her sister Sara’s belt off and the poor girl just about got knocked out from the crash – not the car crash but the crash of falling on the ceiling after her belt was undone.

My aunt can’t remember how she got her belt off. Somehow they got the door open and were able to get out of the car and see all these people climbing down the side of the ditch to help them.

I was in borderline tears when my grandmother and aunt told me the stories – all I could think of was how much worse it could have been.

Turned out to be wonderful Thanksgiving after all.

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