Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Men's Listening Explained

This is an email that my coworker's friend sent to her.
I thought it would help to clear up some of the confusion surrounding men's listening.

Sorry about the late phone call, but I was talking to Murray and when
he told me what his daughter's name was I figured I should phone wright
away because I will eventually forget again, and there is a reason for this..
you see when a man in my condition is talking with women there are factors
which affect our listening. When a girl as young as Kim is talking to me
I hear the first few words but then my mind takes over and it tells me
"she is too young, there is no future here, nod, smile and be nice.

Now, when a beatiful woman like say Shania Twain, or Angelina Jolie etc.
etc. talks to us, our brains kick in and say "why is this gorgeos woman
talking to me, is this my lucky day, am I going to get some lovin from
a woman like this, oh my god!!!!!", but nothing else registers.

So when a woman who we really like and admire and care for talks,
weeellll , we here every word, and that is because we have developed an
emotional bond with that person and what they have to say matters.

I here everything YOU say.

So, that is men's listenig explained, I hope this clears up any
questions you may have had.

Your friend


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