Monday, October 16, 2006

The big news

Well my midterm felt really good – I just hope that the mark is as good as the feeling.

Now for the big news!!!

We bought a house.


Today was the closing day for all the subjects and they have all been cleared. OMG!

We take possetion on November 10. Cant move in that day though – damn.

The place we bought is a HUGE 1880 square foot town home with three bedrooms up with one main bathroom, one powder room and a full unfinished basement. The catch is that the owners before were not what you would call clean or caring about their surroundings – heavy smokers inside and oh so dirty. The carpets have to come out, the kitchen flooring has to come out and EVERYTHING has to be repainted. We have a small plumbing leak in the basement that my pluming friend said can be fixed without too much hell and we even have to replace the front door because the owner’s wife KICKED it in when they were fighting just the other day (they are compensating me for that). Still we have a crap load of hard work ahead of us. My Remembrance Day (Veterans Day is you are in the States) weekend is going to be spent ripping carpet and gagging.

So ya we now have a mortgage and all the headaches that go with it. Wahoo.

***please note the panic in the voice***

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