Friday, September 08, 2006


Well I basically have my computer up and running now.

I installed Norton and it basically was doing full system scans for a BLOODY week before it was finally satisfied that my computer was clean of viruses. I now, finally, have a green check in the box below. Huge sigh of relief. The scanning was starting to drive me completely crazy.

So I like my job but Li doesn’t like his very much these days.

They hired him to make changes to the kitchen – which it badly needed – but now that he is there they aren’t letting him make any changes.

It is really frustrating him.

He had so many talks with the manager, was really excited about the job and the things he might be able to do, and the food he could make. Now every time he wants to try a different sauce on the food, or add a different spice he gets this whole song and dance from the chefs about how “Canadian’s don’t eat it that way” or “That is not the way it is done in Canada”. It is frustrating him to no end.

He has a 6 month contract but I am not sure if he is going to extend it after that. He knows he needs to finish the contract because he needs to start creating a work history here in Canada for himself but he is a little depressed about the whole thing.

On a positive note he is now attending English classes in the mornings. On an even more positive note these classes are free!!! They just started this week but it seems pretty good so far.

I start my classes in 10 days. YAAA!
I need to go and buy my books very soon before I forget. That would not be good idea.

At least I finally got Excel installed on this computer, only problem is that it is in Japanese but that can be dealt with. Hehehe

Tomorrow my car goes in for its first little check up – I feel very motherly about it and this car has had more car washes in the last month than my previous car had EVER.

Oh and ToddlerJi’s cold is getting better but mine isn’t. Ugh!

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