Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting a little pampered

Last night I went out to a coworkers place with ToddlerJi and got a little Pampered by a Chef.

It was fun.

The lady made this heavenly artichoke dip – wowzers.
I bought some stuff – bad girl bad!

Not complaining though.

Li is all angry at me because I didn’t bring him and he is the chef but it was a girl’s night out and I didn’t want him – so there. Hehehe

He was going through the catalogue all ‘oohh’ ‘hmmm’ ‘interesting’.

My coworker has a 3 year old son and ToddlerJi and he hit it off immediately. They were having a blast – running around, jumping on the sofas, going basically mental. They both stayed up WAY TOOOOO late – my coworker’s son is a little sick due to being over tired this morning. Thankfully today is Wednesday and ToddlerJi stays with Grandpa today so I was able to just let her sleep in. When I left for work this morning she was still zonked out cold.

When we were driving home last night she was jabbering the entire time about all the fun she had. On the way home we saw Li coming home from work on his bicycle so she absolutely refused to go to bed until her daddy came home so that he could put her to bed.

They haven’t seen enough of each other lately with Li’s late restaurant hours. He did have a good day at work yesterday though and met the BIG BOSS Owner – passed that test. He was happy.

This weekend I will probably bombard you with tons of photos again – we are going to the Agassiz Fall Fair to show ToddlerJi all the animals. She is going to have so much fun.
I brought Li there 4 years ago when we came to Canada the first time. He really enjoyed it.

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