Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A rockstar slash model

ToddlerJi has started getting into the habit of wanting to bring a toy to daycare with her. I have been trying to make her leave it in the car but she can be pretty insistent. Her daycare lady is fine with it.

Sometimes she wants to bring a stuffed animal, other times her little toy cell phone.

Well yesterday was priceless. I was cursing not having a video camera with me.

She got out of her car seat and then proceeded to dive into the car and search under the seat for something VERY specific. Her feet were flailing in the air while she was digging around.
She emerged with her book (Chinese and English mixed) and her little red sunglasses.

She proceeded to tuck the book under her arm and then ask me to help her with the sun glasses. She then walked all the way to the door, up the steps, pushed the door open, and prissy walked into the daycare room like a Hollywood superstar – all with her sunglasses on and the book sitting perfectly under her arm.

I might add that these are bright red Elmo glasses and they have this big Elmo head rearing out the center joint.

She stood there surveying her surrounding prey, turned around and held her feet up for me to take her shoes off and then walked back into the room doing one of those runway model girls halts.

She came back long enough to give me a good-bye kiss before heading into the playroom for the attack.

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