Monday, August 07, 2006

painting blaasss

It is a long weekend and I have been spending every minute of it painting stadium jumps for Island 22 Horse Park.
I am tired.

Yesterday was my birthday and all I did was paint.

Later I really missed Japan and had a bit of a teary moment with my husband. He feels really bad because he didn’t get me anything for my birthday but I keep telling him that getting a job was present enough for me.

People want to know about my job, well…

As much as I am allowed to tell you I am basically a secretary but I will be supporting many other people in the office, mostly the Accountant. It is a construction company that does mostly condominiums and they are growing VERY fast. I have lots of opportunities to learn tons of new things and learn a lot about business. There is also room for me to grow with them. They loved that I am going to school in September and I think this was a big selling point for me.

The people are really nice and so relaxed.
I worked all day on Friday and there were no mishaps – didn’t accidentally hang-up on anyone. Hehehe

Then it starts full tilt on Tuesday – AUGH!!!

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