Monday, August 28, 2006

jumps and lunch

Things aren’t going that much better on the home front.
We are all carefully coexisting and sticking to safe topics of conversation.
The main topic is about Island 22 Horse Park and the big event happening THIS WEEKEND!!!

It will be my first Island 22 in 6 years. I used to be in charge of the riders book and some of the money begging. In the last six years this has thankfully expanded to be a job for 4 other people and I am very happy about this.

I dove into a black hole called STADIUM!
Not sure what, or who, gave me the nudge to jump of the ledge but stadium is what I am doing with two other girls.

Before this the stadium was basically an ignored area.

Our group is all volunteer and any group that volunteers for a park or a sports organization knows that it is a thankless job, that often goes unrecognized by the very people that use the facility, is spat on by the district you are helping and the people work FAR more hours volunteering than they were originally quoted.

I have been a part of Island 22 since its conception so I knew what I was getting into but still…..
I spent a week and a half STRAIGHT, painting jumps with Adel in the blazing sun and mosquiters from hell,
and I must say


They are sooo bright and shinny and are going to dazzle more than one rider and hopefully horse. **snicker**

The third girl in our little group has a very young baby and wasn’t able to paint much until the end but she did all of the phoning around and wheeling an’ dealing for our new jump cups.
Our course designer is actually jumping up and down happy at all the work we have done. The jumps honestly looked like crap before.

Last weekend I worked with one of the main Island 22 men, and ToddlerJi who was great at handing things to me, and we got our special jump trailer all prettied up and covered in carpet so that our newly painted poles are sitting pretty.

I haven’t taken any photos: I so have to take some.

I will definitely be showing you tons of pics of the course all set up all brilliant and pretty.
Yes I am proud of the job.

Adel and I have been chatting away designing jumps for next year. We are a little overly excited about it.
Next year is our events 20th Anniversary and we would love to DAZZLE just a bit more.
Hehehe, I am sooo scheming away over here.

Yesterday was my Grandfather’s birthday, so Li, ToddlerJi and I headed out to Langley to have a lovely lunch with my Grandma, my one aunt and some cousins. I saw my cousin V whom I have not seen in 10 years!!! She has grown up so beautiful!

She is the second shortest in the family (not counting babies) and she is still 4 inches taller than me!! Yup I am sooo the shortest.

After we headed out to the cemetery again to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa. ToddlerJi was totally rearranging the flowers and when cousin P tried to join in and put the new flowers in the cup she had a tantrum melt down. She was doing it all by herself thank you very much. Goofy girl!
Ya she was tired.
We had a lovely afternoon though.
I have some beautiful photos of ToddlerJi fixing the flowers but….

I also got my computer back.
Dr. N, I will get to the bank, just that the DAMN THINGS ARE NEVER OPEN WHEN I HAVE TIME TO GET THERE!! Grr to all banks!
Anyway, brought the computer home and set it all up
I can not find the blasted power cord anywhere. I know I didn’t bring it to Dr. N’s so I am at a total loss!!!
Vanished!!! Like a sock in a damn dryer!!!
Gotta try to look after that tonight as well. Duh!
I will get the photos up here maybe tonight or tomorrow.
Then I can also answer some emails and respond to all of your comments properly.

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