Thursday, August 24, 2006

China and Mars

I might have found a hair dresser.
Unfortunately they are booked for the next two weeks but this will give my hair the chance to grow a bit more. I hope to do something different to it.
I need a change – new country, so new hair. Right?

We will see.

I have totally forgotten to tell you all about some photos I put on the web.

Back when we were in China we did some family photos. I was pretty insistent on it. After getting our amazing wedding photos done in Shanghai I was hooked. Hehehe
I didn’t want to spend any where near as much as we had for the wedding pictures but I still wanted some nice ones.

They turned out pretty good.
They are not done with the same professional quality that we experienced before and the customer service was not quite so wonderful either. Grr.
I think I may have actually gotten madder than Li. Hehe. And when he gets pissy that is a hard thing to top, let me tell ya.
But it worked out in the end and we got our photos.
Here are a couple.

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing

The entire album is here. I have these photos in a small hard cover book, all laminated nicely. We have one more book of only ToddlerJi photos that hadn’t been chosen for the main book. They gave us the book for a small price but refused to allow us the film copies. I will attempt to scan them when I have a chance. I should be getting my computer back this weekend.
I also need to add all of the photos from the China holiday. There are tons and I just haven’t gotten that far yet.

OH and do you all know about the really cool planet Mars thing this weekend!?!?!?!
It will be so close to the earth it will actually appear as big as a full moon in the sky on the night of the 27th!! And RED!!!! So awesome!
This happens once every 6thousand odd years or so,
so we all know what I am doing on Sunday night!

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