Monday, July 03, 2006

Ten words tag

Granny tagged me a really tough tag. I need to think of ten things for the letter ‘A’.

  1. Apple – eat one a day and it will keep the doctor away.

  2. Alaska – a state of the US that used to be owned by Russia and was sold to them for a pittance. BC is still a little miffed about it.

  3. Atlas – that really cool book that tells you where all the countries are. My father used to be a history teacher and has these giant pull down maps that hang on the wall. They are all for Europe but I loved them as a kid.

  4. Attitude – it isn’t an object but it sure feels like one when someone throws it in your face.

  5. Allen Wrench – isn’t that the one with the little screwy thingy on it??????

  6. Asparagus – pickled ones taste great!! My friend’s mom uses them as stir sticks for her Caesars.

  7. Appreciation – what I feel right now towards the makers of BC Growers Cider, the Kiwi Strawberry flavour. Yummy.

  8. Axe – what is about to hit my husband in the head if he even thinks about staying up till past one to play his stupid computer game.

  9. Art – I love it all.

  10. Alberta – the home of Spruce Meadows the horse jumping capital of North America and the WORLD!!!!

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